Intelligent Pressure Calibrator

, HS602

Product Description:
HS602 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator Integrates pressure measuring, high accuracy current, voltage measuring and Hart function into one. HS602 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator offer the pressure measuring capability up to 2500 bar with high accuracy 0.025%F.S. HS602 has six operating keys with the different function. it widely used as high accuracy master gauge for calibrating pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and other pressure instruments in the industries of power, oil & gas, metallurgy, metering etc.

Product Features
1. Up to 0.025% F.S accuracy
2. Wide pressure range from vacuum to 2500bar (36000psi)
3. Pressure switch test
4. HART communication capability
5. Advanced temperature compensation (0~50℃)
6. Zero and full scale calibration function
7. Safe pressure calibrator with maximum and minimum pressure monitoring and over pressure warning functions
8. Easy to carry and operate due to light weight and compact size
9. Stainless steel connector and ABS housing
10. RS232 communication makes it easy to connect to computer
11. Data storage function, able to store the calibration records of 30 instruments
12. Large LCD with backlight and dual readout
13. Large, easy to read display with 6-digit resolution
14. 9 selectable pressure units
15. Able to restore factory settings

Technical Specifications

±0.025%F.S, ±0.05%F.S

Working environment
-Operating Temperature: -10~50℃
-Relative humidity: <95%
-Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa

Current and Voltage
Current measurement: 0~25mA
Accuracy: ±(0.02%R.D+0.005%F.S)
Voltage measurement: 0~25V
Accuracy: ±(0.02%R.D+0.005%F.S)
DC output: DC24V (≤30mA)
Accuracy: ±1%F.S

Power Supply
7.4V rechargeable Li battery and power adaptor
Battery life: 80 hours

5-digit or 6-digit LCD with backlight


Over Pressure Alarm
120% full scale

Pressure Units
kPa, Pa, psi, kgf/cm², bar, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg, MPa

Pressure Connections
M20*1.5 male
1/4”NPT male
or as per customer request

Size: 95mmx49mmx166mm


We promise one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service for the intelligent pressure calibrator. We accept OEM and ODM orders. Check detailed information about the product in the user manual supplied by PDF format.

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