Intelligent Pressure Calibrator

, HX601B

Product Description
Introduced here is our HX601B intelligent pressure calibrator. The high-precision single-range digital pressure calibrator consists of high-precision measurement chips, DC24V power supply, rechargeable battery protection circuit, single-range pressure modules and so on. It is mainly used for real-time measurement of pressure value and the calibration of the pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters and pressure gauges. Also, it provides a voltage and current measurement solution for pressure switches.

Pressure Calibrator Features
1. Aluminum housing and stainless steel connector for high robustness
2. Working medium is available in air, water and oil
3. Large LCD with backlight and digital readout
4. 9 selectable pressure units
5. Zero and full scale calibration function
6. Advanced temperature compensation (0~50℃)
7. Provide built-in rechargeable lithium battery and power adaptor
8. Light weight and compact size leads to easy operation
9. Great for measurement of switching value, testing switch on/off state

Technical Specifications
Pressure Range:
(-1~0)bar, (0~700)bar


Current and Voltage
Current measurement: 0~25mA
Accuracy: ±(0.02%R.D+0.005%F.S)
Voltage measurement: 0-25V
Accuracy: ±(0.02%R.D+0.005%F.S)
DC output: DC24V (≤30mA)
Accuracy: ±1%F.S

Display:5-digit LCD with backlight

Communication: RS232

Pressure Units:kPa, Pa, psi, kgf/cm², bar, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg, MPa

Pressure Connections
M20*1.5 male
1/4”NPT male
or as per customer request

Power Supply
Rechargeable Li battery or power adaptor
Battery life: 80 hours

Working Environment
Operating temperature: -10~50℃
Relative humidity: <95%
Atmosphere pressure: 86~106kPa

Size: 95mmx50mmx150mm

Weight: 0.75kg

One-year warranty and lifelong maintenance is our promise once you buy the intelligent pressure calibrator. We offer OEM and ODM services. Check detailed information about the pressure calibrator in the user manual supplied by PDF format.

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