Sphygmomanometer Calibrator

, ME01

Product Descriptions
ME01 is a portable sphygmomanometer calibrator which combines the functions of low range pressure generation and pressure measurement. With a micro processor, the pressure calibrator can perform automatic compensation and correction to zero drift, misalignment and other faults of instruments. In addition, by means of high performance devices such as high stability pressure transducer, 24-bit A/D converter, etc., the sphygmomanometer calibration equipment ensures exceptional precision and reliability.

Technical Specifications
1. Pressure range: (0~40)kPa / (0-300mmHg)
2. Accuracy: 0.05%F.S
3. Working medium: Air
4. Display: Large LCD, simultaneously showing pressure values in two rows by kPa and mmHg
5. Pressure transducer: Built-in pressure transducer, manual calibration, with no need for adjustment
6. Power supply: DC9V power adapter or built in rechargeable lithium battery
7. Dimensions: 145mmx160mmx130mm
8. Weight: 2.2kg

The pressure calibrator provides pressure for accurate calibration of sphygmomanometer in laboratory and on site. It is widely used in metrology organizations, hospitals, university labs, etc.

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