Digital Pressure Gauge

, HX601

Product Description
Our HX601 digital pressure gauge is designed with components of low energy consumption and using special software process technology. It provides best-in-class pressure measurement performance in a rugged and easy to use package.

Features of the Digital Pressure Gauge
1. High accuracy up to 0.05%F.S
2. Precision pressure measurement from vacuum to 700bar (10,000psi)
3. Aluminum enclosure and stainless steel threaded connector
4. 5-digit display with high resolution
5. 9 selectable pressure units including kPa, Pa, psi, kgf/cm², bar, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg and MPa
6. Temperature compensation
7. Zero and full scale calibration
8. Automatically turn off the white backlight after it lights for 5 seconds
9. RS232 COM port ensures easy connection to computer
10. Display of pressure calibration progress by percentage
11. Early warning for over pressure
12. 110% full scale

Technical Specifications
1. Pressure ranges: (-1~0)bar, (0~700)bar
2. Accuracy: ±0.05%F.S, ±0.1%F.S, ±0.2%F.S, ±0.5%F.S.
3. Types: Gage, compound, absolute and differential pressure
4. Working medium: Gas, oil, water
5. Working environment:
- Operating Temperature: -10~50℃
-Relative humidity: <95%
-Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa
6. Output port: M20*1.5 male, 1/2”NPT male, 1/4”NPT male, 1/2”BSP male, 1/4”BSP male(or as per customer request)
7. Power supply: one disposable DC3.6V Li battery (battery life: more than 1 year)
8. Temperature compensated range: 0~50℃
9. Dimension: 92.6mmx41mmx134mm
10. Weight: 0.5kg

We promise one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service for the digital pressure gauge. In addition to standard products, we accept OEM and ODM orders. For more information about the digital pressure test gauge, please check the manual in PDF format.

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