Digital Pressure Gauge

Reputed as a specialized pressure measurement solution provider, Huaxin offers an excellent selection of digital pressure gauges. Unique industrial design and state of the art technology have made our digital pressure gauges an ideal pressure calibration instrument for various applications.

    1. Digital Pressure Gauge HX601

      Our HX601 digital pressure gauge is designed with components of low energy consumption and using special software process technology.

    1. Digital Pressure Gauge HS108

      It is a high precision, single range pressure measuring instrument composed of high precision measurement chip, temperature measuring circuit, pressure measuring circuit and digital module.

Intelligent Pressure Calibrator

Here at Huaxin, we offer a selection of HS602 and HX601B intelligent pressure calibrators. They are high pressure, single range digital pressure calibrators with HART communication capability.

Pneumatic Comparator

Huaxin's HS700 pneumatic comparator is made from high quality and transparent acrylic material which produces a beautiful and compact structure and enables the operation of piston to be clearly seen. As a bench top pressure calibration solution, it is specially designed to generate micro pressure from -0.5bar to 0.5bar for calibration of pressure gauges or other pressure instruments in laboratory or on site at the measuring point.

Hydraulic Comparator

Typically, this hydraulic pressure comparator is characterized by eye-catching appearance, compact size, light weight, easy operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing performance, stable pressure generation, etc.

Electronic Pressure Comparator

When it comes to simultaneous pressure calibration for several pressure measuring instruments, electronic pressure comparator is always a great choice for most of people.

Sphygmomanometer Calibrator

Here at Huaxin, as an expert test equipment solution provider, we are proud to offer a selection of pressure calibrators for precise calibration of sphygmomanometer in laboratory and on site.