Intelligent Pressure Calibrator

Here at Huaxin, we offer a selection of HS602 and HX601B intelligent pressure calibrators. They are high pressure, single range digital pressure calibrators with HART communication capability. Composed of high precision measurement chip, 24V DC power supply, battery charging protection circuit, HART communication module and intelligent digital pressure module, these two pressure calibrators provide a pressure calibration solution for gauges, transmitters, and switches over a wide pressure range.

Before delivery, our intelligent pressure calibrators will go through high and low temperature aging test as well as temperature compensation, thus ensuring high accuracy and long-term stability. They are mainly used for real-time pressure measurement and calibration for pressure transmitters, sensors, gauges, etc.

Standard Configurations:
1 user manual
1 certificate of quality
1 power adaptor
1 delivery inspection report
2 test wires

After-Sales Service
If buying our intelligent pressure calibrators, you will enjoy one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance services

Other Services
OEM and ODM orders are accepted.