Pneumatic Comparator

, HS701

Product Description
HS701 pneumatic comparator from Huaxin is designed to generate vacuum and pressures for testing, adjusting and calibrating mechanical and digital pressure measuring instruments by means of comparative measurements. It combines the functions of three pressure pumps and minimizes the number of equipment carried for on-site calibration.

1. With uniquely designed air capacitor and shut-off valve, the pneumatic pressure comparator acts more stably in calibration of micro pressure gauges.
2. Fine adjustment valve that reaches an accuracy of 0.01mbar (1Pa) allows it to calibrate -0.25~0.25bar pressure gauges.
3. Two pressure outputs of the pneumatic comparator come with standard M20x1.5 connectors that ensure quick connection and disconnection of gauge under test without need of wrench.
4. Designed in compact and beautiful housing, the pneumatic comparison test pump is easy to operate, portable and stable in pressure rising.
5. Fabricated from superior alloy in special process, it provides remarkable robustness.
6. The pneumatic comparator applies circulating air circuit design and comes equipped with a built-in impurities precipitation system that leads to easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Model: HS701
Pressure range: -0.95~6bar
Working medium: Air
Fine adjust accuracy: 0.01mbar (1Pa)
Materials: Aluminum (body), Stainless steel (output port), Buna N (O-rings)
Output port: M20x1.5 female
Dimensions: 286Lx198Wx140H(mm)
Weight: 2.2kg

HS701 pneumatic comparator is used for calibrating pressure gauges on site or in laboratory. It has found wide applications in power, chemical, oil, metallurgy, measuring and military industries.

HS701 Pneumatic Comparator Components
1. Hand pump
Uplift the hand pump and press it down repeatedly to generate vacuum and pressure.
2. Lead screw
Increase pressure by turning the lead screw clockwise, decrease pressure by turning the lead screw anti-clockwise.
3. Reverse valve (positive/vacuum)
Press the button to switch between positive pressure and vacuum. (Push for positive pressure calibration and pull for vacuum).
4. Relieve valve
Have to turn clockwise to close the valve before pressure generation, and slowly turn it anti-clockwise to release system pressure.
5. F-adjust valve
The valve is equipped for precise adjustment of pressures. Turn clockwise to increase pressure and anti-clockwise to decrease.
6. Plug
Screw it up when not in use. It prevents dust and other matters entering the port.
7. Pressure Port (Output)
There are two pressure output ports: one is designed for reference measuring instruments and another for gauge under test.
8. Air capacitor
The container of air
9. Shut-off valve
Open the valve when calibrating small range gauge (-0.25~0.25bar)

What's Included in the Package
1. Pneumatic comparator
2. 10 O-rings
3. 1 copy of test report
4. 1 copy of use manual

Optional Accessories
Model Description
HS700-HSPA01 Fitting adaptor 10pcs
HS700-HSPA18 Fitting adaptor 18pcs
HS700-HSPA64 Fitting adaptors, hoses, wrenches and so on (64pcs)
HS700-8 Digital pressure gauge HS108 uses as master gauge
HS700-1 Digital pressure gauge HX601 uses as master gauge
HS700-2 Pressure calibrator HS602 for calibration of pressure transmitter
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