Hydraulic Comparator

, HS706

Product Description
Specially designed for high pressure calibration needs, our HS706 hydraulic comparator can generate pressure of up to 2500bar in manual operation. In virtue of unique priming pump design, the hydraulic comparator is able to complete generation of needed pressure easily and stably.

1. Bench mounted design;
2. Outstanding sealing performance and quick pressure stabilizing due to use of military sealing technology;
3. A preferred hydraulic pressure comparator with high accuracy, easy operation and maintenance, and no leakage;
4. Higher safety factor than other products;
5. Transparent oil cup for clear observation of working medium, ensuring ease of clean and maintenance

Technical Specifications
Pressure range: (0~1600)bar; (0~2500)bar
Min. adjustable pressure: 10mbar
Working medium: 25# transformer oil
Pressure connection: M20*1.5 female
Dimensions: 570Lx490Wx195H (mm)
Weight: 25kg
Materials: Food grade stainless steel and anti-rust aluminum for body; Buna N for O-rings
Packaging: plywood box

The hydraulic comparator generates pressure in the laboratory or in the workshop for testing, adjusting and calibrating various types of pressure measuring instruments such as pressure transmitters, precision and common pressure gauges, pressure switches, etc. It has been extensively used in power, chemical, oil, metallurgy, metering and other industries.

HS706 Hydraulic Comparator Components
1. Pressure Port (Output)
Two same pressure ports: one for reference measuring instrument; another for gauge under test
2. Relieve Valve
Open the valve by turning anti-clockwise during priming and turn clockwise to close it during pressure generation
3. Air Vent Nut
Loosen the nut before use and tighten it during storage and transport
4. Shut-off Valve
Turn clockwise to shut off the connection between oil cup and pressure adjustment system.
5. Hand Pump (Priming Pump)
Repeatedly hold the hand pump up and down to mobilize the piston and conduct priming.
6. Oil Cup
Store 25#transformer oil. Transparent cover can be opened by turning anti-clockwise to add or change working medium.
7. Zero Set Valve
To close the valve by turning it anti-clockwise during calibration and open it to release all pressure after calibration.
8. Lead Screw (Screw Spindle Pump)
To realize fast adjustment of pressure (Turn clockwise to increase pressure).

What's included in the package:
1. 1pc HS706 hydraulic comparator
2. 10 O-rings
3. 1 copy of test report
4. 1 copy of use manual
5. 1 piece of aurilave

Optional Accessories
Model Description
HS706-HSPA01 Fitting adaptor 10pcs
HS706-HSPA18 Fitting adaptor 18pcs
HS706-HSPA64 Fitting adaptors, hoses, wrenches and so on (64pcs)
HS706-8 Digital pressure gauge HS108 uses as master gauge
HS706-1 Digital pressure gauge HX601 uses as master gauge
HS706-2 Pressure calibrator HS602 for calibration of pressure transmitter
Optional Accessories
Model Description
HS700-HSPA01 Fitting adaptor 10pcs
HS700-HSPA18 Fitting adaptor 18pcs
HS700-HSPA64 Fitting adaptors, hoses, wrenches and so on (64pcs)
HS700-8 Digital pressure gauge HS108 uses as master gauge
HS700-1 Digital pressure gauge HX601 uses as master gauge
HS700-2 Pressure calibrator HS602 for calibration of pressure transmitter
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