Pneumatic Comparator

, HS721

Product Description
What you can see now is our HS721 pneumatic comparator with bench-mount design. It is composed of bench, hand pump, screw pump, F-adjust valve, reverse valve, relieve valve and pressure ports, providing aesthetically pleasing appearance, excellent sealing performance, stable pressure generation and easy operation and maintenance. With 3 M20x1.5 female adapters, the pneumatic comparator allows fast connection of 2 gauges under test simultaneously with no need for wrenches.

1. Compact structure for high portability, thus convenient for pressure calibration in laboratory;
2. Rugged and airtight construction from food grade stainless steel and with military sealing technology;
3. High precision pressure adjustment and stable pressure generation;
4. Wide pressure range and high vacuum degree;

Technical Specifications
Model: HS721 pneumatic comparator
Pressure range: -0.95~60bar
Pressure adjusting accuracy: 0.1mbar (10Pa)
Working medium: Air
Pressure connection: M20*1.5 female
Dimensions: 380Lx380Wx200H (mm)
Weight: 14.8kg
Materials: Stainless steel and aluminum for body; Buna N for O-rings

The pneumatic comparator is used in the laboratory to generate pressure from -0.95bar to 60bar for testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure transmitters, precision and common pressure gauges, pressure switches, etc. Extensive applications of the pressure comparator have been found in power, chemical, oil, metallurgy, metering and other industries.

HS721 Pneumatic Comparator Components
1. Hand Pump
Uplift the handle up and press it down repeatedly to mobilize the piston and conduct priming.
2. Reverse valve (positive/vacuum)
Press the button to switch between positive pressure and vacuum. (Push for positive pressure calibration and pull for vacuum)
3. Pressure Port (Output)
There are three pressure test ports: the middle one is used for reference gauge and other two for gauges under test.
4. Fast-adjust Valve
The valve provides precise adjustment of pressures. Turn clockwise to increase pressure and anti-clockwise to decrease.
5. Lead Screw (Screw Spindle Pump)
To realize fast adjustment of pressure (Turn clockwise to increase pressure and turn anti-clockwise to decrease pressure).
6. Plug
Tighten it when not in use for the purpose of curb dust or other matters.
7. Relieve Valve
Have to turn clockwise to close the valve before pressure generation, and slowly turn it anti-clockwise to release system pressure.

What's included in the package:
1. 1pc HS721 pneumatic comparator
2. 10 O-rings
3. 1 copy of test report
4. 1 copy of use manual

Optional Accessories
Model Description
HS721-HSPA01 Fitting adaptor 10pcs
HS721-HSPA18 Fitting adaptor 18pcs
HS721-HSPA64 Fitting adaptors, hoses, wrenches and so on (64pcs)
HS721-8 Digital pressure gauge HS108 uses as master gauge
HS721-1 Digital pressure gauge HX601 uses as master gauge
HS721-2 Pressure calibrator HS602 for calibration of pressure transmitter
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