Electronic Pressure Comparator

, HS315&HS316&HS318

Product Description
Here you will find our electronic pressure comparators of HS315, HS316 and HS318 models. These electronic comparators provide fast, precise and easy-to-operate pressure generation for calibration of pressure measuring instruments by means of comparative measurement method.

  • HS315
  • HS316
  • HS318

1. External air source for priming instead of hand pump;
2. Steady servo control;
3. Compact structure, light weight, high portability;
4. Easy to operate and clean;
5. Quick adapter design for easy connection of external air source;
6. Easy, fast, precise and stable pressure generation and adjustment;
7. Complete full range calibration within 2 minutes and time for pressure stabilizing is less than 5s

The pressure comparator has been widely used in power, chemical, oil, metallurgy and measuring industries for pressure calibration purposes. It provides pressure for calibration of pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure switches, etc.

Technical Specifications
Model HS315 HS316 HS318
Pressure range (-0-95 ~ 0)bar (0~25)bar (0~600)bar
Working medium Air Air 25# transformer oil
Working environment Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory
Pressure connection M20*1.5 female M20*1.5 female M20*1.5 female
Dimensions 305L x300Wx165H (mm) 450L x350Wx135H (mm) 500L x350Wx135H (mm)
Weight 4.9kg 14kg 16kg
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