Electronic Pressure Comparator

, HS318L

Product Description
The HS318L electronic pressure comparator is an excellent pressure source designed for comparative calibration purposes. Depending on servo valve control, pressure is quickly stabilized and remains unchanged after stabilizing. With an external air source, it easily generates pressure up to 600bar. An F-adjust valve provides precise adjustment of pressure, and the minimum adjustable pressure value is 1kPa. In addition, the gauge comparator ensures fast pressure generation. Only 5 seconds are needed from zero to full range.

Pressure Comparator Features
1. A transparent oil cup is convenient for observation of working medium and it can be easily removed for cleaning.
2. 5 pressure ports with standard M20*1.5 quick connectors allow simultaneous connection of 4 pressure gauges under test, making calibration more efficient and time saving.
3. It is quite easy to operate. Only one finger is needed to generate pressure from zero to full range.
4. Air circuit features rugged and reinforced construction. This leads to high sealing performance and more stable pressure generation.
5. Unique priming function widens the calibration range and successfully handles the difficulties in calibration of several gauges.

Technical Specifications
Pressure range: 0~600bar
Working medium: 25#transformer oil
Materials: Steel for body; stainless steel for outputs
Pressure connection: M20*1.5 female
Dimensions: 730Lx350Wx250H (mm)
Weight: 26.5kg
Packaging: plywood box
Working environment: Laboratory

The electronic pressure comparator is suitable for mass and repeat calibration needs in power, chemical, oil, metallurgy, metering and other industries. It provides the accuracy, stability, efficiency and capability you need to calibrate pressure gauges, transmitters, switches and other pressure instruments by means of comparative measurements.

Huaxin's HS318L Electronic Pressure Comparator Similar comparators from our competitors
Pressure generation system and sealing stability 1) With the most effort saving pressure generation system in the industry;
2) External air source;
3) Time for pressure generation to 60mPa s less than 10s; Time for stable pressure is less than 5s;
4) High stability;
5) Superior servo valve for pressure control;
6) Strict pressure tight test and aging test before delivery

Stand-alone priming pump and manual pressure adjustment;
Not easy to operate and not accurate pressure control
Filtration system 1) Multi-function oil cup that features one-piece design with the shut-off valve;
2) Oil cup comes with filtration system, making it easier to clean and change;
3) No liquid level difference
No such function
Priming system Multi-angle rotation priming pump can be operated at different angles according to personal habits No such function
Safety 1) External air compressor with pressure control system; 0.6mPa air pressure from the air source is enough to generate pressure to 60mPa;
2) Over pressure protection function for the gauges
Independent handpump for system priming likely results in damage of gauges; this is dangerous
Airtight performance 1)Quick connection of air source ensures excellent airtight performance combined with high pressure control accuracy (hydraulic pressure<1kPa);
2) Rugged and reinforced air circuit allows for easy maintenance;
Manual pressure adjustment is not likely to reach the highest accuracy;
Screw seal gives rise to many leakage points and is not good for maintenance.

Components of the Electronic Pressure Comparator
1. Hand Pump
Uplift the hand pump and press it down repeatedly to mobilize the piston for system priming
2. Ventilation Nut
The inlet for charging of 25# transformer oil; turn it anti-clockwise to add or replace oil
3. Oil Cup
Transparent oil cup for easy observation of working medium and it can be easily removed for cleaning
4. Pressure Ports (Outputs)
There are five pressure ports. One is designed for reference gauge and the others for gauges under test.
5. Pressure Regulator
After system priming, turn the regulator clockwise toward "+" to get higher pressure, and turn it anti-clockwise toward "-" to decrease pressure.
6. Switching
With 3 selectable positions-"Zero, Stop, Booster"
7. Shut-off Valve 1
It is used for corresponding output. Turn it clockwise to shut off the connection between the output and the pressure calibration system.
8. Shut-off Valve 2
Have to close it before pressure generation (clockwise). Open it to release the pressure (anti-clockwise).
9. Plug
Tighten it up when not in use to prevent dust and other matters.

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