Non-Invasive Sphygmomanometer Calibrator

, ME02

Product Description
ME02 is a non-invasive sphygmomanometer calibrator which can simulate human blood pressure with simple output signal and good repeatability. The pressure calibration equipment provides the functions of static pressure output and measurement, automatic leakage test, ambulatory blood pressure simulation, etc.

1. Portable design for ease of use on site;
2. Built-in rechargeable battery for continuous working for 12 hours;
3. Fully automatic pressure rising and lowering;
4. Fast pressure generation with high stability and no overshooting;
5. Low noise of less than 40dB;
6. 7-inch touch screen with English interface (External connection of wireless mouse is available);
7. Imported pressure transducer and pressure components;
8. Blood pressure cuff internally built for adults and newborns;
9. Overpressure protection design (42kPa) for high safe and reliable calibration;
10. 18 groups of application modes settable according to user needs, one setting for permanent memory;
11. Reminding when the pressure is stable;
12. Pressure stabilization time is settable, optional in 0~60s

Fundamental Functions
1. Static pressure measurement: Test the static pressure indication error of non-invasive sphygmomanometer;
2. Ambulatory blood pressure simulations for adult/newborn sphygmomanometer: Built-in modes and user-defined modes available;
3. Static pressure generation: For simultaneous calibration of 3 sphygmomanometers or for calibration of pressure gauges in 0~60kPa;
4. Air-tightness testing: Automatically calculate and display test results;
5. Outgassing rates measuring: Automatically calculate and display results;
6. Time setting: Set the current time, update automatically. There is no need to reset after reboot.

Technical Specifications
Pressure Source:
Generated pressure range: 0~60kPa/0~450mmHg
Accuracy: 0.05%F.S
Static Pressure Measurement:
Pressure range: 0~60kPa/0~450mmHg
Accuracy: ±0.05%F.S
Resolution: 0.001kPa (0.01mmHg)
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Simulations
Systolic pressure range: 2.7~34kPa /20~255mmHg
Diastolic pressure range: 1.3~26.7kPa/10~200mmHg
Blood pressure value repeatability: <0.3kPa (2mmHg)
Heart rate: 30~250bpm
Heart rate accuracy: ±1%R.D
Pulse volume: 0.1~2.4mL
Pressure units: kPa, mmHg, s

Working Environment
Power supply: DC 25.2V 2A
Calibration temperature: 20±2℃
Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Storage temperature: -10~70℃
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa
Relative humidity: <90%

Size: 300x250x110mm
Weight: 5.2kgs

This sphygmomanometer calibrator has been widely applied in metrology body, hospital, research institute and university laboratory for sphygmomanometer calibration as well as precision and common pressure gauge calibration purposes.

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