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About Huaxin

Beyond Your Expectations
Huaxin Instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and has ever since supplied a great deal of high quality pressure measurement and calibration equipment for customers in the industries of power, chemical, oil, metallurgy, metering, etc. From development to production, distribution and service, we boast the strength and capacity to deserve your trust for our products.

Products That We Offer
Currently, Huaxin takes prides in supplying a vast variety of proprietary pressure measurement and pressure calibration products available in 8 series and more than 40 kinds. To be specific, our products mainly include digital pressure gauges, intelligent pressure calibrators, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure comparators, electronic pressure comparators, non-invasive sphygmomanometer calibrator, automatic pressure controllers, etc.

In our manufacturing plant, we build 4 production lines to realize an annual output of over 4000 sets of pressure gauges and calibrators. By means of the best-in-class reference measuring instruments from FLUKE and KEITHLEY, our products go through precise and stable tests before delivery. In addition, we enforce rigorous quality control to our pressure and temperature calibrators throughout the production for 100% qualification.

Outclassing Most Competitors in Many Aspects

Huaxin recognizes that commitment to quality is the key to customer satisfaction. It strives to provide basic products that meet the quality expectations of our customers in a timely manner and at a fair price. Holding this commitment, Huaxin has obtained ISO9001 certification to meet worldwide quality standards set forth by ISO. Also, we will add the CE mark to every appropriate device upon CE certification.

Sales Achievements
Through years of development, our pressure gauges and calibrators have been well sold in domestic market and obtained more than 6000 users with annual sales of over 50million RMB. Aside from domestic market, our products have won great popularity among the markets of more than 30 foreign countries. Currently, the sales amount in overseas market accounts for 20% of our total annual sales. Our worldwide representatives and sales network always help customers enjoy more professional calibration products and solutions.

Fast Delivery
With more than 10 years experience in foreign trade and in virtue of the geographical superiority, we have been sophisticated in customs declaration, clearance, and logistics. This guarantees delivery in a timely fashion.


By virtue of our development and production strength, we can provide customers with complete pressure calibration solutions including portable pressure calibrators, laboratory pressure calibrators, automatic pressure controllers, etc.

Digital Pressure Gauge
We offer high quality digital pressure gauges in various precisions. We also accept OEM and ODM orders as per customer requirements.

Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pressure Comparators
Huaxin also serves as OEM or ODM to make pneumatic and hydraulic comparators to customers' individual requirements.

Pressure Controller
Based on the quantity of gauges to be calibrated, we can develop and manufacture pressure controller to your application needs.